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Meet the Doctor

Dr. Alexa Neynaber

Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) | Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFM-CP) (C)

Let's Break the Traditional Healthcare Mold, Together

Hi there! I’m Dr. Alexa, and I’m on a mission to make healthcare better for patients and doctors alike. I believe that medicine can do better than treat symptoms, which is why my practice is focused on the whole human — working from the inside out to support health. I believe that a treatment plan should be as unique as the individual for which it’s made, which is why I’ve departed from the mainstream “one-treatment-fits-all” approach.

Background & Experience

Dr. Alexa earned her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Nebraska and her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University.

Her CNME-accredited residency was completed in primary and specialty care within the Seattle area, where she also taught as Adjunct Clinical Supervisor and Professor at Bastyr Center for Natural Health.

She utilizes functional medicine treatments and testing and will soon be certified with the Institute of Functional Medicine as an IFM-CP.

Over the years, Dr. Alexa has seen the tremendous impact that IV treatment has on her patients and is an advocate for expert application. She has seen the place for stand-alone IV treatment and complementary IV therapy, and she has been an advocate for safety when IV intervention is not indicated.

Dr. Alexa uses her education in clinical nutrition to further the impact of her immune-support protocols and has treated hundreds of conditions and thousands of patients in both primary and specialty care settings. She is passionate about her patients and advocates for how complementary and alternative medicine can support anyone in any walk of life.