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Is IV therapy safe?

IV therapy has proven to be safe and effective when administered appropriately.

This means practitioners have to use screening guidelines to ensure patient safety. IV therapy infusions have been a part of medicine for a century as a rehydration mechanism and as a drug delivery mechanism. It has gained traction in being a modern tool for health and wellness.

Part of what makes IV therapy infusions so safe is that you are administering things that already exist in the body’s biology. You already have B vitamins, magnesium and vitamin C in your body. The reason IV nutrient therapy needs to be administered by a practitioner that understands physiology is that minerals have cardio-active properties, meaning they can affect the heart. You must know which minerals will have effect and how to balance them appropriately for heart health and safety.

IV therapy combines biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, phlebotomy, emergency medicine and clinical skills. You don’t want just anyone giving you an infusion. You want a competent, experienced, high level practitioner. Any injection with a needle carries a small risk of localized bruising and infection, but our trained staff takes every precaution against this.

You also want a IV provider that only purchases high quality IV ingredients.

There are thousands of places to source compounded IV medications and nutrients around the world. We purchase only 100% American-made and certified products from accredited pharmacies. Our products come from pharmacies with over 20 years of clinical practice and pharmaceutical experience. We believe the treatment is only as effective as the individual materials that create it, and we trust our materials with our own health.

These therapies are effective when used appropriately for so many different conditions, and there is new research to complement the existing old safety research to update the best implementation practices.

Let our trained physicians come to you and show you how you can improve your health and wellness in the comfort of your own home.