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What is IV therapy?

IV stands for intravenous, as this therapy is delivered into a vein via needle or catheter.

The therapy consists of hydrating fluid or concentrated vitamins and minerals to support you. The physician connects your personally made IV solution to a carefully chosen injection site. If you are receiving a push, the syringe is gently pushed over time to your comfort through the injection site. If you are receiving an IV bag infusion, the treatment is hung above your head to let gravity work it’s magic and carry your treatment fluids into the vein over time.

IV therapy infusions allow for safe infusion of medications, hydrating fluid, and nutritional supplements into the bloodstream directly when administered properly. The medical literature calls it “peripheral venous cannulation”, and it has revolutionized medicine in our lifetime, and long before. IV therapy has been a part of medicine for a century as a rehydration mechanism and as a drug delivery mechanism.

IV treatments can do everything from rehydrate you, boost energy, combat stress, promote sleep, support your immune system and more! It is for both the chronically ill who are drastically depleted, and the acutely-ill person who needs a quick fix. It can be for the mild to moderate illness, or the health conscience individual who wants to be proactive. The results are often immediate and the absorption is 100%, unlike oral supplementation. It can beneficial to so many individuals, with a small population that have contraindications to therapy.

Our trained doctors will evaluate you and ensure you are a good and safe candidate for therapy prior to treatment.