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Vitamin D Injection

Increase your vitamin D stores, fight fatigue, and boost immune response with this quick 50,000 IU intramuscular injection plus hydrating IV drip (for increased absorption).

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Liquid sunshine for fast results

Our Vitamin D injection is a tool to improve low and deficient Vitamin D levels due to low absorption and being indoors.

Studies show that after one injection, Vitamin D levels continue to rise for several weeks, and will remain improved for several months.

This treatment is fast and comes with an optional hydrating IV drip to increase absorption.

Doctor Consultation Included

During your treatment you can consult with your physician about health questions. Our practitioners can give you individualized supplement and lifestyle recommendations to maximize your health.

Health Risks from Vitamin D Deficiency

  • Depression
  • Weakened bones and teeth
  • Low reproductive hormones
  • Poor insulin regulation
  • Reduced lung function
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Increased viral infection risk

Treatment Duration

This treatment includes an intramuscular injection plus a hydrating drip for maximum absorption.

  • ~ 15 – 30 minutes

Vitamin D deficiency is more common than you might think

Vitamin D deficiency can cause depressive mood, low energy and decreased immune response.

Vitamin D, often called the sunshine vitamin, is an important micronutrient that your body produces when you expose your skin to sunlight.

Vitamin D deficiency is a common condition that affects over 25% of Americans, and 18% are considered extremely low in vitamin D.

Vitamin D is found in cells throughout the body and is needed for maintenance of strong bones, immune system function, neuromuscular function, improving mood regulation, protecting the brain against toxic chemicals, and potentially reducing pain.

If your Vitamin D levels are low, we recommend working with our physicians to receive high-dose vitamin D injection to improve your levels.

What form of Vitamin D do you use in your injections?

We use Vitamin D3, also known as Cholecalciferol. This is the form of Vitamin D that the body can use right away.

What are causes of Vitamin D deficiency?

  • Poor intestinal absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
  • High amounts of time indoors
  • Living in places with limited sun
  • Low vegetable diet
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Celiac disease
  • Weight loss surgeries
  • Kidney and liver diseases

Add-ons and lab testing

Complement your visit with potent add-ons and run convenient tests for smarter supplementation.


Fight fatigue and boost metabolism with this quick intramuscular injection that delivers a sustained energy release throughout the week. Provided in 5000mg doses.

This complete B vitamin family improves energy and increases cell function. Great for energizing you and for fighting chronic fatigue. Provided as a push in 3 mL doses.

Rapid relief and extra support against nagging nausea and vomiting. (Dosed by body weight and provided as IM injection or push.)

Liquid sunshine: Increase your vitamin D stores, fight fatigue, and boost immune response with this quick intramuscular injection. Provided in a 50,000 IU dose.

Rapid immune support with a boost of antioxidants and allergy relief. Provided in 5000 mg dose.

This extremely powerful antioxidant allows detoxification of unwanted cell build up, clarifies skin, and supports liver function. Provided in 1000 mg dose.

Lab tests

Screen for infections, anemia, and blood counts.

Kidney and liver checkup including electrolyte levels and hydration status. This test can tell you how well your body is processing fluid.

High-dose vitamin C screening test (for doses above 10g). A test result of normal value allows you to receive high dose vitamin C infusions with full confidence.

Test your vitamin D levels to know how much you should be supplementing this vitamin.

Know your iron status including your active iron and iron storage levels. This test helps you determine if you are at risk for becoming iron deficient or if you already are.

Test your thyroid related hormone levels (TSH, T3, T4) and antibodies for a complete thyroid picture.