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Adjunctive Cancer Care

Although many physicians who treat cancer in the conventional world may not discuss integrative and natural care options with their patients, the majority of Americans diagnosed with cancer are using some form of complementary and alternative medicine, through their own research or with alternative practitioners.

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As you likely know, there are thousands of “natural” products advertised for cancer, but these have varying degrees of efficacy, purity and potency.  It is vitally important for your safety and treatment efficacy that you use the guidance of a well-trained and experienced natural medicine expert when navigating the use of complementary and natural cancer care options.

Dr. Alexa trained at an integrative cancer care center during her clinical education, and she specializes in natural medicine solutions for health concerns that can come along with cancer diagnoses and treatments.

Side effects from chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries can be debilitating, but natural therapies can help decrease these and help to improve patients’ quality of life.

Please note that we require all patients seeking adjunctive and integrative care during a cancer diagnosis to have an oncologist or specialist on their care team.

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