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Diet and Lifestyle Counseling

The foundations of health refer to the basic building blocks that are needed to sustain or promote one’s health and are often the first place a naturopathic doctor will start when addressing a health concern.

The foundations of health include things like nutritious food, clean water, physical activity, adequate sleep, community involvement, exposure to nature, and spiritual connection. Like a house built upon a poor foundation, human health will start to have progressively worse issues without all of these foundations in place.

Healthy breakfast set with coffee and granola for diet and lifestyle
While the foundations can seem simple, there are often dietary or lifestyle habits we can change to better promote health and reduce the impacts of developing health concerns.
For example, a patient with an active infection may need to increase lysine-rich food sources while decreasing arginine ones to help the immune system work more efficiently. Sometimes this can even be the root cause of a disease. We will work with you to ensure all the foundations are being addressed before reaching for higher force interventions to address your current health concerns.
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