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Add years to your life, and life to your years.

Virasoap Natural Medicine is a natural health and wellness clinic located between Meridian and Boise. Our naturopathic medical doctor and functional medicine practitioner provides preventative primary care, holistic health consultation, and manages chronic conditions.

We offer preservative-free IV therapy, high-quality vitamin supplements for wellness, advanced lab testing, and natural medical aesthetics. Our integrative healthcare incorporates holistic medicine and evidence-based treatments for lasting whole-body wellness.

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Healthcare as easy as 1, 2, 3

We’ve redesigned the healthcare experience to be stress free and convenient.

Schedule Online

Use our easy online booking to self schedule with simple rescheduling and reminders.

Select In-Clinic or Telemedicine from home

See our physician at our convenient clinic location or via video call from home.

Intuitive Intake and History Collection

We collect your information in advance because we want to maximize your consultation.

A man sick with the cold or flu needs IV therapy

Virasoap = Whole Human Care

'VIRA' is old Latin for 'human'. 'SOAP' guides our holistic care:


We listen to your concerns and goals.


Impartial health data specific to you.


Doctor’s perspective from clinical experience.


Actionable options for a healthier you.

Natural Health, Wellness, and Aesthetic Updates