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Whole Human

Evidence-based Naturopathic and Functional Medicine for every body by licensed physicians

Preventative Primary Care • Specialty Care • IV Therapy
Condition Management • Advanced Lab Testing

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Let’s add life to your years, and years to your life.


Naturopathic and Functional Medicine teach that physical, mental, and social health goals should be unique to you.

Condition Management

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Women's Health

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Diet/Lifestyle Counseling

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Disease Prevention

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Immune Support

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Allergy Treatment

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Hormone Therapy

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Digestive Issues

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Fatigue Treatment

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Adjunctive Cancer

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Naturopathic Medicine teaches wellness as a holistic and individual approach to feeling well in your body.

IV & IM Therapy

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Conventional Lab Testing

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Specialty Lab Testing

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Vitamins & Supplements

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Healthcare as easy as 1, 2, 3

We’ve redesigned the healthcare experience to be stress free and convenient.

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Use our easy online scheduling with simple rescheduling, cancellation, and reminders.

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See our doctors at our convenient clinic location, via video call, or at home.

Intuitive Intake and History Collection

We collect your information in advance because we want to maximize your consultation.

A man sick with the cold or flu needs IV therapy

Virasoap = Whole Human Healthcare

'VIRA' comes from old Latin and means 'human'. 'SOAP' is the medical approach that guides our wholistic model of care:


What patients tell us about their concerns and goals for treatment, in their words and experience.


Impartial data-driven information including vital signs, lab testing or imaging, and physical examination.


Physician’s conclusion: can be a symptom, differential, working diagnosis, or official diagnosis.


Detailed summary of what we do next. It is our treatment, outlined clinical thinking, and decision-making.

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