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Specialty and Functional Lab Testing

Have you ever wanted to have a personalized blueprint and breakdown of what is happening in your body?

Or have you wanted to figure out why you are experiencing a certain symptom? Often we need to use tools outside conventional options to get the best picture of what is happening inside the body.

We use a variety of specialty labs in order to evaluate, screen for, and prevent disease. Some examples of our functional testing options include genetic markers, hormone tests, sensitive inflammatory markers, micronutrient and vitamin levels, antioxidant measurements, food allergy testing, chronic infection markers, and more. Virasoap utilizes a variety of advanced testing methods to better evaluate issues to get you feeling better, faster.

Here are some examples of specialty labs we offer:

Genetic Testing

Test your individual hereditary patterns and genome to discover if you carry genes that make you susceptible to nutritional deficiencies and disorders. This can include issues with heart health, methylation, detox, heart health, brain and mental health.

Nutritional Testing

We offer a variety of ways to determine your nutritional status on both a macro and micro level. Using advanced biomarkers we can determine what your body is missing from either dietary or absorptive issues. Advanced micronutrient testing offers an advantage over standard serum values by showing you the previous 6 months of your nutritional absorption and deficiencies rather than a snapshot of the last few days.

Hormone Testing

We use a variety of methods to assess your various hormone levels including those from the adrenals, pituitary gland, thyroid gland, and sex hormones. This can include testing estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, DHEA, and metabolites that inform us about your hormone detoxification.

Organic Acid Testing (OATs)

We use Organic Acid Testing from the original pioneers of the test, Great Plains Laboratories, now called, Mosaic Diagnostics. This test is completed via urine sample and allows us a unique window into gut pathogens, gut-brain axis health and interactions. This test can also be customized with glyphosate testing and other toxic metabolite testing.

Food Allergy Testing

We can test for your food allergies and sensitivities using blood test methodology to determine what is causing your concerns and discomfort. Need a referral for skin scratch testing? We can help!

Stool Testing

Most disease starts with the gut, and so this comprehensive testing method allows a unique window into the various pathogens that can be affecting your health. This test allows us to find out your good and bad bacteria, antibiotic medication and herbal treatment susceptibility, gut inflammation levels, yeast, parasites, and if you are experiencing “leaky gut.”

Breath Testing

This unique testing method allows us to test for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, also known as SIBO. This testing also allows us to determine which type of bacterial dysbiosis is occurring, allowing for more specified and effective treatments.

Custom Testing

Don’t see the test or testing type you’re looking for here? We can order any specialty testing through our functional lab testing partner, Rupa Health Labs, and have the kit shipped directly to you at home.

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