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IV Vitamin C

Have you ever had a cold or flu that left you feeling drained for weeks — maybe even months — after you got over it?

Maybe you’ve tried over-the-counter suppressants to fight a cough or runny nose, but did you realize that those drugs suppress your immune system as well as the symptoms? This means that it takes longer for your body to make a full recovery.

We have a natural, preservative-free IV option to fortify your immune system that’s backed by science, allowing your body to make a full recovery more quickly.

Anticipate being around germs for work or travel? Be proactive and get a quick IV treatment to fortify your immune system. Do you already have cold, flu, or viral symptoms? An IV treatment can expedite the full recovery process.

IV vitamin C can help the immune system

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Discover the benefits of our Immune Defense treatment

By harnessing the proven efficacy of high-dose Vitamin C and additional vitamins and minerals, you can fortify your immune system.

Many dosage options to choose from

Strengthen your natural defenses

Faster recovery for cold & flu

100% absorbed by your body

Fight fatigue and alleviate allergies

Clear vitamin deficiency brain fog

Third-Party Research

“‘Prejudices against vitamin C’ persist based largely on outdated and poorly performed studies demolished decades ago.” — READ MORE AT MEDIUM

“‘Vitamin C has been studied since the 1930s, and research has shown that it can reduce incidence of infection, relieve fatigue, and more, while having limited negative side effects for most people.” —  READ MORE AT INM

“Various high-dose intravenous VC infusions shortened the intensive care unit (ICU) stay by 97.8%, accompanied by a significant reduction in the mortality rate. Such an experience was reproduced among patients ill with severe influenza.” —  READ MORE AT SCIENCE DIRECT

“Overall, reported flu and cold symptoms in the test group decreased 85% compared with the control group after the administration of megadose Vitamin C.” —  READ MORE AT PUB MED

“The case authors conclude that their report highlights the potential benefits of high-dose intravenous vitamin C in critical…patients in terms of rapid recovery and shortened length of mechanical ventilation and ICU stay, and urge further research.” —  READ MORE AT MED PAGE