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Allergy Treatment

Are you constantly fighting allergic symptoms such as fatigue, congestion, cough, stomach upset, or itchy and irritated skin?

Food allergies, animal allergies, environmental allergies, mold allergies, and more can be the culprit!

There is a solution!

We can do wide or specific blood tests to determine what may be causing the problem as well as review your symptoms and history to find a likely culprit.

Variety of herbs and dropper for allergy treatment

Have you heard horrible stories of relatives or friends going through weekly allergy injections at the doctor’s office? It doesn’t have to be this way! We offer alternative solutions to expensive and annoying allergy shots to fight your allergies that are just as effective without the hassle!

We can also treat allergies more broadly with specific diets, nutritional counseling, natural vitamin injections, and inflammation-lowering treatments and solutions all based on your preferences and treatment goals.

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