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Immune defense. Delivered.

IV therapy and health consultation delivered to you by licensed physicians in the Boise area

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Doctor treats patient at home

Natural well-being vs. symptom suppression

Have you ever had a cold or flu that left you feeling drained for weeks — maybe even months — after you got over it? Maybe you’ve tried over-the-counter suppressants to fight a cough or runny nose, but did you realize that those drugs suppress your immune system as well as the symptoms? This means that it takes longer for your body to make a full recovery.

VIRASOAP gives you a natural option to fortify your immune system that’s backed by science, allowing your body to make a full recovery more quickly.

Proactive Immune Defense

Anticipate being around germs for work or travel? Get a quick IV treatment to fortify your immune system.

Active Infection Support

Do you already feel under the weather? An IV treatment can expedite the full recovery process.


Our licensed physicians have more training & education than other mobile providers.


Our providers decontaminate between visits and wear protective equipment to ensure your safety.


Mobile delivery mitigates your exposure risk and reduces stress which increases efficacy.


Our treatments are backed by scientific research and studied biochemical processes.

Discover the benefits of our Immune Defense™ treatment

By harnessing the proven efficacy of high-dose Vitamin C and additional vitamins and minerals, you can fortify your immune system against infection.

Strengthen your natural defenses

Faster recovery for cold & flu

100% absorbed by your body

Fight fatigue and alleviate allergies

Clear vitamin deficiency brain fog

Third-Party Research

“‘Prejudices against vitamin C’ persist based largely on outdated and poorly performed studies demolished decades ago.” — READ MORE AT MEDIUM

“‘Vitamin C has been studied since the 1930s, and research has shown that it can reduce incidence of infection, relieve fatigue, and more, while having limited negative side effects for most people.” —  READ MORE AT INM

“Various high-dose intravenous VC infusions shortened the intensive care unit (ICU) stay by 97.8%, accompanied by a significant reduction in the mortality rate. Such an experience was reproduced among patients ill with severe influenza.” —  READ MORE AT SCIENCE DIRECT

“Overall, reported flu and cold symptoms in the test group decreased 85% compared with the control group after the administration of megadose Vitamin C.” —  READ MORE AT PUB MED

“The case authors conclude that their report highlights the potential benefits of high-dose intravenous vitamin C in critical…patients in terms of rapid recovery and shortened length of mechanical ventilation and ICU stay, and urge further research.” —  READ MORE AT MED PAGE

A sick person being taken cared of by his girlfriend

Add-ons and lab testing

Complement your visit with potent add-ons and run convenient tests for smarter supplementation.


Fight fatigue and boost metabolism with this quick intramuscular injection that delivers a sustained energy release throughout the week. Provided in 5000mg doses.

This complete B vitamin family improves energy and increases cell function. Great for energizing you and for fighting chronic fatigue. Provided as a push in 3 mL doses.

Rapid relief and extra support against nagging nausea and vomiting. (Dosed by body weight and provided as IM injection or push.)

Liquid sunshine: Increase your vitamin D stores, fight fatigue, and boost immune response with this quick intramuscular injection. Provided in a 50,000 IU dose.

This extremely powerful antioxidant allows detoxification of unwanted cell build up, clarifies skin, and supports liver function. Provided in 1000 mg dose. (Please note: To maximize your treatment, Glutathione is not available with high-dose C above 10g.)

Lab tests

Screen for infections, anemia, and blood counts.

Kidney and liver checkup including electrolyte levels and hydration status. This test can tell you how well your body is processing fluid.

Test your vitamin D levels to know how much you should be supplementing this vitamin.

Know your iron status including your active iron and iron storage levels. This test helps you determine if you are at risk for becoming iron deficient or if you already are.

Test your thyroid related hormone levels (TSH, T3, T4) and antibodies for a complete thyroid picture.

Doctor Consultation Included

During your treatment you can consult with your physician about health questions. Our practitioners can give you individualized supplement and lifestyle recommendations to maximize your health.

Signs of Decreased Vitality

  • Fatigue
  • Cough
  • Congestion
  • Headache
  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Aches
  • Digestive upset

Treatment Options & Duration

We offer four dose options:

  • 5g dose — 30 minutes
  • 10g dose — 30 minutes
  • 25g dose* — 30 minutes
  • 50g dose* — 45 minutes

*Require G6PD lab test on file.

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Premium Healthcare. Delivered.

VIRASOAP is a Boise area mobile healthcare provider that delivers personalized health consultation and IV therapy in the safety and comfort of your home or office: decreasing your stress and simplifying your schedule. Our consultations and treatments are administered by licensed physicians to ensure exceptional, individualized care.

Healthcare as easy as 1, 2, 3

Consultation or Treatment

Pick a consultation or treatment and customize to your needs with add-ons and testing.

Schedule Online

To make things as easy as possible, we provide online scheduling and payment.

Healthcare Delivered

We dispatch a physician to administer your IV and provide you with peace-of-mind consultation.

Our Other Services

15 minutes

Quick Phone Consult

Speak with a doctor about our various treatment options and which may be the best fit for your health goals.

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30 minutes

Telemedicine Visit

Go in-depth with a doctor about your specific health questions or concerns via phone or video chat.

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45 minutes

Home or Office Visit

Get a consultation in the comfort of your home or office, allowing for lab testing and quick treatments.

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30 minutes

Iron Rescue (IV)

Effectively treat anemia with this potent dose of intravenous iron — giving your body the nutrients needed to create new blood cells.

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45 minutes

High Dose Vitamin C (IV)

Supercharge your immune cells to support your system and fight off active illness with higher doses of IV drip vitamin C.

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60 minutes

Hydration Aid (IV)

Rapidly overcome dehydration and feel rejuvenated with this IV treatment that includes electrolytes and powerful add-on options.

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Our response to the pandemic

When we started VIRASOAP in 2019, our goal was to meet the need of patients who had difficulty traveling to a traditional clinic or wanted the convenience of in-home / office treatment.

Since the beginning, we have placed safety above all else and take care to protect our patients.

New measures for increased safety

We have added extreme safety protocols and are following CDC guidelines to protect our patients and staff during this time of widespread infection including:

  • Our providers wear protective equipment for both patient and practitioner safety.
  • Our providers only visit one home/office at a time and are screened prior to every visit.
  • Our providers decontaminate prior to visits and wear fresh laundered antimicrobial garments.
  • All equipment is decontaminated using medical-grade disinfectants and treatments.
Example of provider wearing PPE

We are not a replacement for critical or emergent care. The CDC guidelines state that if you develop emergency warning signs to seek medical attention immediately. Warning signs include, but are not limited to “trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion or inability to arouse, or bluish lips or face.” Always call 911 if you have a medical emergency.