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Dehydration station

There are many reasons we can become dehydrated

Our human body is made up of 45-75% water depending on the individual. This is because age, gender, and muscle mass can vary the amount of water we carry. Water does so much for us on a cellular level every second of every minute of every day. Two-thirds of our body’s water lives in the “intracellular fluid,” aka in your cells. This means water is the major building block of cells. The other third lives outside the cells in the “extracellular fluid.”

We use water to regulate our temperature, metabolize our food, insulate our vital organs, lubricate our joints, carry waste out of the body, and deliver nutrients and oxygen to our body’s cells. It would make sense that when we lose a significant amount of fluid, we feel like crap because our body can’t function like normal. Hangovers, stomach flu, and food poisoning are all reasons we become dehydrated quickly and easily. IV therapy delivered by a trained physician can be a quick remedy to these concerns to get you feeling better in no time.

Two guys re-hydrating, drinking water bottles

Hangover help

The night was fun! You had a great time with your friends celebrating. You thought you were being careful by drinking water and spacing your drinks. You tried not to mix types of alcohol and think you remember that you did all the right things. Yet you woke up this morning with the feeling of dread, fatigue, nausea and dizziness. You realize that drinking water now and trying to go to the bathroom aren’t working well, if at all, in making you feel better. It will be hours before you stop feeling this way, unless you take action right away and rehydrate the most efficient way possible.

IV hydration treatment delivers essential fluids quickly to flush out the toxins – ensuring you feel better faster. Hydration formulas can have added benefit of replenishing the nutrients you lost while imbibing, like vitamins C and Bs. This will add anti-inflammatory benefit to restore your cells and aid in a fast recovery. Anti-nausea medication added to hydration treatments can also provide additional fast-acting relief. The best part is you can stay in bed and the treatment will come to you. You can rest easy, knowing you will feel better quickly within the privacy of your own space.

Next time there’s a big celebration coming up, remember that this treatment can also help prevent the hangover just as well as it treats it. Get a hydration IV treatment the afternoon or evening before the celebration and you’ll thank yourself the next day!

Dreaded stomach flu

Sometimes things are out of our control and we get the dreaded stomach bug. This can result in rapid loss of fluid in either direction, leaving you nauseated, in pain, uncomfortable, feverish, and extremely fatigued. The common name “stomach flu” is often caused by a virus and is called “acute viral gastroenteritis” by the medical community. This typically has a fast incubation period (24-60 hours) and lasts 12-60 hours. It can be hard to keep fluids down whether it’s an electrolyte drink or water. Soup is a whole other story.

Various seafood on the shelves of the fish market.

The World Health Organization recommends oral rehydration salt solution, and when this isn’t enough, intravenous fluids. When you need quick relief from the misery, we are here to help. Don’t venture out to clinics where you can be far away from a toilet and you can infect others. Let us come to you and ensure you get the help you need – quickly. Hydration IV treatment can deliver IV fluids and electrolytes to rehydrate you and help you feel better faster. Added vitamins can give complete benefit if you haven’t been able to eat normally during your recovery. Keep your privacy and rest easy knowing we have you taken care of.

Food poisoning, it happens

We’re in the Pacific Northwest, and sometimes the fantastic seafood fare is too tempting. Or maybe you didn’t reheat the leftovers as effectively as you thought. Whatever the reason that brought you to this point, food poisoning can leave you dehydrated and ill quickly. The rapid fluid loss makes us feel nausea, pain, cramping, fatigued and uncomfortable.

The treatment is basically the same as stomach flu, in that oral rehydration with electrolytes is best, with the added change of not eating any more of the suspect food that may have caused illness. When oral rehydration is not being tolerated or is not enough, we are here for you. It’s another time that’s ideal to stay home, stay close to a bathroom, and rest.

We can bring the IV hydration treatment to you for fast and convenient relief.