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Energy from the inside out

We are a chronically tired society.

We have jobs that overwork us and deplete us. Not having enough energy decreases our quality of life and makes it hard to do all of our necessary tasks in a day. When we can’t be productive, it’s frustrating and draining to us and those around us.

Because of this we often turn to substances to help support or change the way we make energy. On the low end of this spectrum, we drink caffeinated beverages such as tea or coffee. In the middle, we support our adrenal glands and thyroid function with supplements and herbs. On the high end of this we turn to our doctors to write us medications to increase energy, usually with altered thyroid or adrenal function. These can be great solutions… in the short term.

If we aren’t giving the proper cellular nutrition to the structures that provide energy to each cell, and thus our bodies, we will eventually need higher amounts of substances that increase the energy for us. If we keep drinking more coffee and tea, we start blocking our ability to absorb the food we eat. This is because in our digestion, tannins can bind to the vitamins and minerals we are trying to fuel ourselves with. Plus, the increased caffeination disrupts our circadian rhythm and sleep cycles, further decreasing our immune function and ability to heal. We start contracting bacterial and viral infections easier because we can’t fight infection and end up missing more work and life, further contributing to stress that increases inflammation and damages more cells. Welcome to the feedback loop so many Americans are stuck in. What if there was a better way?

I'm like 110% tired

Intravenous hydration and B vitamins are the perfect combination to improve energy levels using the power of hydration and energy-boosting vitamins. This solution doesn’t come with the side effects of the short term fixes, like the caffeine jitters or heart palpitations. It can help you have more energy to get your tasks done and get in that workout you’ve been putting off because you’ve been too tired. There’s no downtime or waiting for treatment when the doctor comes to you, on your schedule.

By supporting our nutrition with the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that feed cells directly using infusions and minimizing our caffeine intake, our bodies can fall back into a normal rhythm and functioning. We can heal and fight off infection, we can sleep soundly, further strengthening our bodies. By supporting cellular nutrition, we often find patients can decrease the dosage of the stimulants they were taking because their body is more efficient at processing medications and making its own energy. We see people cut down on things from their coffee intake to their thyroid medication because they just don’t need the outside assistance to get their energy back.